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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00, starts now. >> we begin with a developing story out of oakland. the city says its discovered what has been causing the interference with the police radio. at&t cell towers are the problem. in an episode last month when president obama was in oakland the radios failed. one of a number times. as kron 4's kate thompson reports, 16 cell sites have been turned off. she is live in oakland. >> reporter: here at oakland headquarters, officials say in the past couple of days they
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have seen an improvement in the radio service but when it comes to solving all the problems they are not out of the awards yet. >> reporter: at&t's towers are the culprit. the signal was turned off on 16 towers and many more may need to be shut down. >> it is interfering with us. when the officers get within the cell sites they start experiencing problems. >> reporter: oakland isn't the only city. at&t also shut down signals that were interfering in new york and new jersey. oakland spent $18 million on the system that is a-year-old. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i can't comment on that. all i know is we began -- i began the investigation on the
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second and we have been working to identify the problems. >> reporter: while the city pinpointed the signal as the major problem the investigation continues into other issues that are plaguing the system like the failure at the fox theater during president obama's visit. >> lots of different issues right now. you reported on the cooling unit that failed, that is one issue. why there is only a single air conditioner at the site. we are looking at all that to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: how does this impact people who have at&t cell phones and use the service? at&t says customers will see no difference. this is one of two networks. only one of the networks have been temporarily shut down so if you have an older cell phone they say it should be fine. reporting live, kate thompson,
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kron 4 news. it has been two weeks since the mess of chevron refinery fire in richmond and there are new numbers associated with the blaze. 10,000 people filed claims with chevron. 2400 people retains the rights of an attorney. after the fire local hospital emergency rooms saw 13,000 people seeking treatment from breathing problems, eye, throat and nose irritation and today the board released new pictures of the incident. you can see the large white vapor cloud. we will show you here in a second. it ignited minutes later. there it is and turned into what many are calling the worst refinery fire in a decade. investigators say it took 2-3
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minutes for the vapor cloud to ignite which raises questions. >> we would like to see action before then so that is why the investigation is focusing on earlier decisions as we talked about the decisions in 2011 around replacement of pipes as well as the decision making round responding to this leak and so one, line of inquiry is whether, you know, whether there was any better way to handle the leak. you know, was there any way to mitigate it or should they have immediately shut the unit down. >> investigators say they got within 30 feet of where the fire started at the chevron refinery but they can't get closer because it is still too dangerous. that's because of the fumes in the area and the fuel still left in the pipes. all of that needs to be cleaned up and the area made safe before the investigators can look. chevron responded to the pictures released today. officials say it is premature to comment on the vapor cloud
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rather than speculate we rely on expert analysis and the same says there was water being -- the statement says there was water being applied that created steam. san jose police are investigating the 29th homicide of the year this evening after 6:30 p.m. in east san jose. a 24-year-old man was found with gun shout wounds, he was transported to the hospital where he died. the suspects are still on the loose. police believe this is gang related and a half hour later a 20-year-old man was shot near jackson avenue in east san jose. he was transported to the hospital and expected to survive. it is unclear whether they were connected. lots of fog into the bay tonight and right here in san francisco, notice the fog up in
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the dome of city hall in san francisco. the cool winds and the damp air chilling you to the bone tonight. we will see the fog in the bay head inland. tomorrow morning, gray skies everywhere, fog and drizzle by the coast. the clearing will be slow for tomorrow. may take till noon before the fog clears out for san francisco. sunny for the afternoon. cooler temperatures. >> more concerns about the potentially deadly west nile virus. no humans have been infected however another bird tested positive in contra costa county. kron 4's maureen kelly reports that bird was found in an area that has seen a high number of cases. the crow was found dead saturday and lab results confirm the bird was infected with west nile virus. this is the 16th bird that
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tested positive. bend wood is considered a -- brentwood is considered a hot spot. 7-8 groups of mosquitoes came from the same city. so far this year the county has found more mosquitoes infected than last year. >> we surpassed the numbers so this year is worse. >> reporter: the county has been taking preventive measures like treating storm drains and spraying. this was found on the property of a vector control worker, she is now hanging a mosquito trap. if it catches a sample and if any of them test positive the county will test more traps. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. coming up, an important test for curiosity, the new pictures from the red planet and controversial remarks made
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by a republican candidate for senate. we will hear from both sides of the aisle when we come back. [ thunder crashes ]
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the mars rover is using his lazier for the first time to blast rocks on the red planet. this is considered target practice for future experiments and it will help scientists figure out what kind of elements are in the rock. it is the first time a laser has been used on another planet. the rover, curiosity landed two weeks ago. we had cool temperatures by the bay today just in the 50s and 60s. it was hot inland, 90s but it will be cooler everywhere for tomorrow. i will have the forecast coming up. big news !
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and you'll get up to a $300 visa prepaid card by mail. verizon wireless and xfinity. it's tv, home phone, internet and wireless. a missouri congressman blasted for his comments on rape and abortion apologized for the comments but the controversy is far from over. as kron 4's catherine heenan tells us he refuses to bow out of the rape. >> reporter: missouri republican senate candidate todd akin was asked about abortion rights for women who were raped. it seems to be, first of all, from what i understand from really rare. a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.
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let's assume that didn't work, i think there should be punishment but the punishment out to be in the rapist. >> reporter: todd akin's opponent in a hotly contested race blasted him but so did fellow rick -- fellow republicans. while campaigning today mitt romney called the comments unexcusable and then the president. >> rape is rape. and the idea that we should be qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about, doesn't make sense. >> reporter: todd akin apologized today but he is refusing to resign. >> yeah, i was talking about forcible rape and it was absolutely the wrong word. yeah. the good people of missouri
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nominated me and i am not a quitter. >> reporter: this opened up a controversy that mitt romney and paul ryan would have perved -- preferred not to have. mitt romney said he would allow for abortions in some cases. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. apple becomes the most vallable company in history -- valuable company in history today. many predicts apple stock, $665 a share, will continue to climb as new products are unveiled. kron 4's game s looks -- gabe slate looks at what is ahead for apple. >> reporter: the future is bright for apple. many users skipped on the 4s and waited for the new iphone.
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apple will sell around 250 iphone 5s and rake in $144 billion in revenue because all the users who are waiting to upgrade, and china, the market with so many people waiting for iphones. they are close to a deal with china mobile. you can get the iphone in china but only on china unicom. it is possible apple could unveil the ipad mini this spring. this would be closer in size to the kindle fire. apple has yet to enter the smaller tablet market. here is more proof of their value, apple stores took in more revenue than any other retailer. apple had more than 5 times the revenue of best buy. i hear all the time they are
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waiting to buy the iphone 5. if you have an iphone 4s, would you upgrade if the came out in a month or would you be happy with the 4s? let me know, find me on facebook or a tweet. gabe slate, kron 4 news. cooler temperatures on the way this week along with lots of fog around the bay area for the morning hour. we will have sunshine in the afternoon. live view, bay bridge, fog there in oakland tonight. tomorrow morning fog and drizzle by the coast. it will be cool. we will watch temperatures warm up slowly through the day tomorrow. fog tracker, 7:00 a.m., fog all over the bay area, clears slowly through the morning hours. by 9:00 a.m. seeing the fog clear for the valleys and south bay. still fog bay side.
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11:00 a.m. or noon before the fog clears out for oakland and san francisco and locations close to the bay and will hold on to the cloudy skies through the afternoon. temperatures looking at 70s for the south bay. san jose 78 degrees. for the east bay, inland locations, down from the 90s today to the mid-80s. concord, livermore, highs in the 60s and 70s bay side. san francisco low 60s. highs in the 70s north bay. 72 san mateo. seven day around the bay forecast stays with same with fog, low 60s by the bay and inland temperatures mid-80s through the weekend. a bike thief was caught. this is video of what happened. the victim and his friends
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caught up with him. he had his bicycle stolen this month and then it turned up on craigslist in a seattle ad. they created a fake online identity and traveled to confront the thief. they videotaped the entire confrontation. >> i have paper work. i have police on the way. you are going to get arrested. i have security on the way. you are under citizen's arrest. stop right now. no, no. no. hey. stop! stop! >> well, when police arrived they arrested the man. he is charged with trafficking stolen properly. they posted the video on youtube, racking up a million views in five days. >> our news channel is all about convenience. check in anytime and get up to the minute weather and news
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information. let me show you. down here we cycle through a bunch of cities showing you the current temperatures and right here is the seven day around the bay forecast. below this is the news crawl with the latest head rooms from the kron 4 news room. you can check to get an update on the weather and the news. in this box, more weather and news. you can watch us online as well on give us a try and give us feed back on facebook. >> can petaluma keep their world series dreams alive? plus a pitcher's dual as giants battle the dodgers in los angeles. highlights coming up next.
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all right. welcome back everyone. giants and dodgers. in los angeles for a three game set. the stars were out. tom hanks, magic johnson. and that is three time gold medal winning misty may- treanor. too much mugging for the cameras. 8 occasion two runs.
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1-0 san francisco. sandoval singles, scoring pagan who will come home and slide in safely. the game winner. 2-0. and baumgartner 10 strikeouts and great defense behind him like this one. 8 innings, 4 hits, no runs. giants win 2-1. they lead the dodgers by half a game. the a's traded a minor leaguer today for stephen drew. drew a pretty good player but batting .193 with the diamondbacks this year. 10,000 at the solseium tonight -- colosseum tonight. joe singles to right. two score. 6-2 twins. 3-5, 2 rbis. he gave up 10 hits and 6 runs. ryan with the drive and the nice catch by coco crisp.
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throws it back in. to chris carter for the double play on moore. great play. twins win 7-2. petaluma nationals world series. johnny gomes of the a's, she from petaluma and now we are in pennsylvania. smith singles to left. danny marzo scores. makes it 3-2 petaluma as they take the lead. they lead 4-2. in the top of the 6th, the home run as new jersey ties it 4-4. extra continuings. bottom 8. danny marzo -- extra inning. bottom 8. danny marzo walk off home run. wins it for petaluma. look at the celebration. 5-4 petaluma. they advance to take on
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connecticut tomorrow in a rematch of last week's match- up. roger clemens has decided he wants to pitch again. roger clemens signed with the minor league deal with sugarland. roger clemens hasn't pitched since 2007. more recently been in the news after being charged with lying to congress about his steroid use. looks like he will try to pitch again. he will make his debut saturday in houston. brandon jacobs went down hard saturday. an mri revealed no damage, just a strain. could be ready for the 49ers opener. let's hear from jim harbaugh. >> zero defects when it comes to turnovers. mental errors. penalty. things that are correctable and -- get the feeling that we are
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a well oiled machine. [ laughter ] >> i like that. like when he does that. well oiled machine. >> all right. thank you. see you tomorrow.
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